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The visual brand direction lays the groundwork for any website redesign. Our talent and passion for pixels speaks for itself, but you should know a little more about what makes us different. Our designers are also coders, and they know your website inside and out.

Route 8’s hands-on approach means there’s no disconnect between the pretty picture you saw as a prototype and how a team of programmers tried to make it work. We know how it will work as we’re designing and developing for desktop, tablet and mobile—while creating cohesive brand continuity with purpose.

We believe every client is unique and their web design solutions need to reflect this. Whether it’s for the screen or the printed page, we approach solutions strategically as we evolve your brand message. We objectively evaluate the needs and available resources for every task, and recommend solutions only appropriate for you.

There are no cookie cutters in our digital kitchen. Each project is a custom solution, because each client has a unique story to tell to a unique audience. Route 8 has the experience to provide these creative digital solutions while adding richness to your overall brand.


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