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3D rendering and digital visualization allows the presentation of products, spaces and buildings without the process and demands of photography. We partner with our clients to artfully and authentically represent their product while maximizing their budgets.

We create images of commercial products and architectural spaces without product fabrication, transportation costs, location scouting or the specific demands of traditional photography, saving on time, materials, and money, without sacrificing creativity.

Route 8 is design-schooled, and our strength in traditional photography and image retouching helps us to create impactful visualizations that enhance the brand message. We use our vast experience in lighting, studio photography and location architectural imagery, as well as specifying surfaces and materials for products and environments, to improve the rendering process.

Our post-production expertise also provides our clients seamless completion of rendered and traditional projects alike. We provide retouching of new and older imagery, refine or refresh the color and finishes of product images, and turn product prototypes into final polished production pieces.


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